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  MARCH 2016
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Manager's Memo
Jason Keller
How great is March? Baseball Spring Training, NCAA March Madness, Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day, Easter . . . So many opportunities to reconnect with friends, get active and reinvigorate your fitness goals.

For the Sports Core team, March means the same as February, January and every month before. It's another opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to providing you impeccable service, the very best fitness equipment and amenities, and an unparalleled wellness experience.
While we welcome your input every day and at any time, you will see a number of communications from us over the next several weeks requesting more specific feedback in several areas, including:
Fitness offerings
Food service
Facility cleanliness
And much more
We are continuously benchmarking our services, our facility and how we do business against some of the best health clubs in the world. Some days we are more successful than others. Ultimately, your experience as to whether we are delivering value for your loyal membership is the benchmark that matters most.
Watch for more details to follow soon, and I look forward to receiving your feedback,
P.S. – Another great thing about March is the days keep getting longer! Remember to turn your clocks FORWARD one hour before going to bed March 12.
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